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¥ 2,267. (税込). 還元ポイント. Jul 27, 2016 Conrad Schnitzler - Rot (1973) + Blau (1974) Two albums of experimental synth and way-abstract krautrock from the great Conrad Schnitzler. 2020年11月24日 サイケデリックとドローン音楽やインド音楽のレコード・CD通販 Conrad Schnitzler Rot Bureau B LP - こちらは赤色!2011年に惜しくも他界  Conrad Schnitzler (1937-2011) was a “German pioneer of cold, hard, electronic . His early solo recordings include highlights Rot (1973), Blau (1974) and Con  Conrad Schnitzler (1937–2011), composer and concept artist, is one of the most important representatives of Germany's electronic music The blue album (“Blau ”) from 1974 was Schnitzler's second solo LP. Conrad Schnitzler - 7 Ago 2011 Conrad Schnitzler - ROT. 1. Meditation (19:40).

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august 2011) var ein produktiv, tysk eksperimentell musikar.I 1970-åra var han knytt til det vesttyske krautrock-miljøet.. Han var med å skipe Zodiak Free Arts Lab i Vest-Berlin, og var tidleg medlem i Tangerine Dream (1969–197 Buy Rot LP from Conrad Schnitzler for $26.23 and pay no postage. More than 1000000 CDs, DVDs, Vinyls, Games, Technics, Equipment and Toys since 1991 at your service. free shipping.

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Meditation Conrad Schnitzler. 2.


Rot Yycc12 velocious 507-316-5245. Conrad Gambill. 507-316-3194 Schnitzler's first (released) solo album, Rot, continued the atonal, avant-garde bent of his work on Tangerine Dream's first LP, Electronic Meditation.Noisy, almost industrial sounding, the album's cut-up techniques leaven the monotony of the lengthy chords which characterize the pair of twenty-minute tracks, "Meditation" and "Krautrock." Conrad Schnitzler - Rot Released 2017-01-01 on Bureau B Download on iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/album/id1184971932?uo=6&app=itunes&at=10ldAw&ct=YTAT 4.0 out of 5 stars Conrad Schnitzler - 'Rot' (Plate Lunch) Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2004 Originally released in 1973, this was Conrad Schnitzler's first solo album. Timely reissue of the late Conrad Schnitzler's (1937-2011) seminal debut solo album.

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In engelsk. Genre: Rock. Released 21/6-2012. Weighs 72 g. 102 · imusic.dk. Apr 20, 2015 Conrad Schnitzler ‎– "Rot" (Konrad Schnitzler Self-released ‎– KS 1002) 1973.
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Conrad, Joseph (Jósef Konrad Korzeniowski): En fredlös på öarna.
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Conrad Schnitzler has been an institution in the German electronic music scene for thirty years. He studied with Joseph Beuys in the mid 1960 s, and in the late sixties joined the then fledgling German rock band Tangerine Dream. 2014 restock. LP version on 180 gram vinyl. On the Red Album Rot , Conrad Schnitzler laid down the direction his musical artistry would take. His second solo , The Blue Album Blau , originally released in 1974, offered confirmation of his intent.

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You can hear the tangles that Conrad Schnitzler gets in and he leaves them  Especially the first three albums “Schwarz”, “Rot”, “Blau” (produced between 1971 and 1973) entered new territories in sound-design and still sound fresh and   1970. Electronic Meditation (with Tangerine Dream); Klopfzeichen (with Kluster) · 1971. Zwei-Osterei (with Kluster); Schwarz (a.k.a.

Rot [IMPORT].. (0). Skriv en recension. Regen, Ina. Conrad Schnitzler - Meditation (Rot) Cristina - You rented a space. Mekanik Kommando - Steel, concrete & silence A.P.O - O Superman Ruins - Sexual desire Obituary - Slowly We Rot LP 180:- (Thrash Metal, reissue). Off! - Off! LP 180:- Conrad Schnitzler - Rot LP 180:- (Elektroniskt/Kraut, reissue). Slaughter And The  Omslagsbild: Treated timbers resists rot av Omslagsbild: Conrad Schnitzler av · Conrad Schnitzler · av Conrad Schnitzler (Musik, CD) 2014, För vuxna.