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Arthroscopic Scapholunate ligament dissociation. Prof/ Galal Male child 10 years with right side cerbral palsied hemiplegia. It also illustrates lateral, dorsal and medial views of the left wrist and ankle joint. It… with Scapholunate Advanced Collapse (degenerative arthritis of the wrist).

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This can tear the ligament, causing the wrist bones to move apart or ‘dissociate’ from one another when the wrist is used. A scapholunate dissociation (SLD), which progresses through several stages, finally ends as a perilunate dislocation. The injury can be completely ligamentous or can be a combined fracture and ligamentous injury. SLD is one of the most common types of carpal instability. Often overlooked, it may lead to weakness and arthritis.

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Widening of Scapho-Lunate interval. Scapho-lunate ligament is an important ligament that holds the scaphoid and lunate bones together. When ruptured it can cause pain and instability in the wrist in short term and degenerative arthritis in 5-10 years.

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Tuberculosis rarely involves wrist joint and is usually diagnosed in arthritic stage. Early presentations are easily confused with traumatic event and commonly missed.

Scapholunate dissociation of left wrist

Scapholunate Advanced Collapse (SLAC wrist) is due to advanced injury of the scapholunate and volar radioscapholunate ligaments which may lead to rotatory subluxation of the scaphoid and scapholunate dissociation. As in this severe case, the capitate may migrate proximally into the widened scapholunate space and articulate with the distal radius.
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Scapholunate advanced collapse (SLAC) is a type of arthritis related to scapholunate dissociation . Scapholunate advanced collapse (SLAC) of the wrist is a very common case of degenerative arthritis affecting the wrist. The most prominent signs of SLAC wrist are the injury in scapholunate ligament or scaphoid which spreads out radially in the wrist. Osteoarthritis of wrist is usually caused as a result of SLAC wrist.

Case Report 149 SCAPHOLUNATE DISSOCIATION: A RARE PRESENTATION OF TB WRIST IN A CASE OF MULTI-FOCAL SKELETAL TUBERCULOSIS Dhananjaya Sabat1, Vinod Kumar2 and Ajay Gupta2 (Received on 7.11.2007. Accepted after revision on 22.4.2008) Summary: Tuberculosis rarely involves wrist joint and is usually diagnosed in arthritic stage. Figure 3.
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Other Scapholunate dissociation Power Point 1. 46yo male presents with chief complaint of left wrist pain. Patient slipped on side walk on sheet of ice and fell forward, landing on outstretched hand. Se hela listan på cambridgeorthopaedics.com 2020-02-01 · Scapholunate ligament tear is most frequently encountered in the aftermath of trauma in supination and extension of the wrist. It generates chronic instability, leading to osteoarthritis. It may be associated with fracture of the distal epiphysis of the radius or of the scaphoid. Scapholunate injury (or scapholunate dissociation, SLD) is one of the most common and significant ligament injury of the wrist.

Accepted after revision on 22.4.2008) Summary: Tuberculosis rarely involves wrist joint and is usually diagnosed in arthritic stage. The scapholunate ligament is the most frequently injured ligament in the wrist, so is a common cause of wrist "sprains".